Fun stuff

Sjovt, nyttigt, smukt eller spændende? Del hvad I finder på nettet!

12 tanker om “Fun stuff

  1. Oh! And, just to spam you even more… You just have to get this little “present-link”. About the leadsinger, sis voice, I know you’re gonna love it, his outfit too. Enjoy.

  2. Okay. This is Dir En Grey. They’re genre goes from very hardcore death metal to pop and melodic songs. They’re very famous outsude of Japan, especially in USA, where they’ve made some tours. They have played in Denmark once, the 8th of August 2007, in Store Vega. Sadly I knew about them, a few months after this concert.

    Here are two PV’s with them. I selected them so that you would not get scared. You see, some of their videoes are quite provoking for many people. So just be aware of this when searching on their PV’s on YouTube. Personally I find this obscurity and vulgarism kind of interesting. Enjoy!

    The first one is more pop/rock-ish. The second a bit more sensetive.

    • Nemlig! Bedste overspringshandling, det er uhyggeligt, hvor mange timer jeg har brugt på den hjemmeside (har endda holdt foredrag om engrish en gang:))

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